May 22nd 2019 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh


Softworks develop and implement Time & Attendance, Flexitime, eRostering and Absence Management Solutions. We help organisations reduce manual tasks, drive efficiencies, cut costs and ensure regulatory compliance, while simultaneously delivering exceptional customer service.   Softworks is used across multiple industry sectors and markets. Current customers within the public sector include; The Scottish Parliament, Fife and Inverclyde Councils, as well as Irish government departments and Northern Ireland councils, who all use our automated Flexitime Solution. Softworks is also used by a number of public and private hospitals, nursing homes, home care and community care providers. Furthermore, Softworks works with a number of successful retail, manufacturing and service companies including; Selfridges, Tesco Ireland, EMC, Intel, Kerry Group, Heineken, DHL and Hertz Europe. For more visit